Hi, I'm Juli

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I am a Colorado wife, mother and an Army veteran. More importantly, I am an American, and I know that nothing will change if we ourselves do not enact the action necessary to improve our community. I never imagined myself having to go to such lengths to fight for my rights and the rights instilled in every American, but if it means providing more people the opportunity for prosperity, I am willing to stake my name and wellbeing to ensure such matters. I am pro life, pro 2nd Amendment and I dedicate myself to ensuring our Colorado community is affordable for all.


Regaining our Constitutional Rights

Put America First: Listen to all residents of Colorado and our great Nation. I believe this is what is wrong with this administration. They seem to be putting other Countries ahead of the American’s needs. This needs to change. We the People does not mean We the Government.

Oil and Gas: America needs to be Energy Independent. The Government needs to help those in the Oil and Gas industry. If our Government wants to move away from the fossil fuel in the future they need to help the workers transition. This means they need to help with training for the workers to transition to Green Energy. However, if we try and move to Green Energy to fast we will fail. We need to have a policy where we would give incentives for businesses to keep our Energy here in the United States. Whether it is green energy or oil and gas.

Farmers: Our farmers need our help. Those that live in the city need to be educated on how our food is grown. We Do Not need the Government taking over our food supply.

Military: As a house of Military Vets our health care system needs fixed. So many vets are not getting the care they need. I stand by our police officers. For those Democrats that demanded defunding the police, if you hate the police so much…don’t call on them if you need help. And by the way, don’t own a gun either to defend yourself.

Overall, I will fight for our Constitution and our liberties.

I do know this seems a lot, but there are so many things that need fixed. Immigration and the way elections are held.